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Tara Bouret Locker
11/26/12 4:09 PM

Tara Bouret

Our Awesome Class
Our Awesome Class
Room 1 News Week of 3-10-14 (week 22 - Th8 Wk1)
Spelling Words:   We will be focusing on:
1. bugs       * base words and endings -s, -ed, -ing
2. nuts       * adding -s to naming words        
          * vocab: compound and nature words
3. hats      
          * action words        
4. caps       * comprehension: main idea & details
5. bags                
6. frogs       Notes to Parents:
7. trees                
          * Wednesday is Donuts with Dad at 8:15 to 8:55a.m.
8. tools      
9. cakes                
          * Legoland permission slips are due this Friday the 14th. If you are not sure if you've paid, then please email me.
10. dogs      
  Challenge words:                
          * This Wednesday the rescheduled all school yearbook photo will be taken.
11. birds      
12. happy                
          * Spring Picture Day is this Friday.
13. about      
14. because      
Challenge Sentence:                  
          * Don't forget to turn in your Leprechaun traps this Friday!!!
1. I am happy because I got two new frogs.  
2. The seeds are in the bag.                

Name___________________________ Date___________________


Problem Solving


Directions: First, choose the set of numbers that you would like to begin with. You do NOT need to complete all three sets of numbers, but do try to challenge yourself. Next, write those numbers in the blank spaces. Solve the problem below. Don’t forget to explain your “strategy” using pictures or words and then write a number sentence to go with your problem.



1. The Leprechaun had ______ four-leaf clovers. How many leaves were there altogether?

(5) (8) (10) (15)








Number sentence_________________________________________



2. The lucky Leprechaun had ______ gold coins. He spent some of them. Now the lucky Leprechaun has ________ gold coins. How many coins did he spend?

(12, 5) (24, 10) (48, 23)











Number sentence:___________________________________________

We Love To Read!

Current Assignments

Week of March 10th


Homework for the Week of March 10th





Read daily for 15 minutes. List the books you've read this week. Which was your favorite and why?


Explain how your Leprechaun trap works. Using 5 or 6 complete sentences, tell how you are going to catch a Leprechaun. Please use the back of this paper.

Problem Solving

Solve the problem on the attached paper. Please remember to let your child use their own strategies to solve the problems.

Leprechaun Trap (Due Friday!)