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Special Resources


SOAR (Student Online Resources Program) is a resource to address the unique challenges facing military children. You can access SOAR by clicking here.

Making Sense is a part of the SOAR Program and has educational resources, but is open to all students. Please click here to access Making Sense .

Home Support Web Sites

WLECONNECT APP For Families on the Move

WelConnect App for Families on the Move




The WelConnect app connects families to available resources and support programs provided by their school district, their schools, the surrounding community, and the US military. It's available to download on your device from the Apple iTunes Store, or Google Play for Android. Click here to download.   

Penmanship Resources

To create your own practice sheets in printing or cursive click here.

Some other sites that have writing resources are:

Handwriting for Kids

Home Education Resources

Keyboarding & Mouse Skills

For free keyboarding skills, visit

For mouse skills, practice Bees & Honey from

Great Apps for Students with Learning Disabilities

This is a site (The Prufrock Press Blog) that has information on Apps that may assist your child. Click here to open the link.

Reading Comprehension Lessons

This site(  has lessons for reading comprehension at various grade levels with various skills. Materials are available on the site. Click here to access the link.

Emergent Readers

Click here for free printable booklets for emergent readers from Michelle Hubbard's web site.


Clich here  for links to minibooks from Mrs. Jones' web site.

High Frequency Word Links

Math Support Sites