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California Association for the Gifted

GATE Enrichment

Some Info for Parents about GATE

Web Sites of Interest

Do you know a student age 8-22 that has shown leadership in making contributions to make their school or community more peaceful?

Check out:

Chance to win a $50,000 fellowship.


Other resources shared by some of our great Ivey parents: for tracking Comet Pan-STARRS

Free online courses for gifted students:  The Davidson Institute for Talent Development

NASA Space Place:

Sci/Jinks for fun science:

STAR GATE is a gifted resource station:

Great Potential Press publishes books centering on giftedness:


Fun/interesting Internet sites: Interesting world geographical facts  Departing Commander gives tour of Space Station  Attempt this tricky quiz!


Internet resources for information regarding giftedness:  California Association for the Gifted National Association of Gifted Children  Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning (charter school in Colorado Springs, CO that I have toured that has a remarkable staff and philosophy regarding learning)